About Cinderella


Cinderella dreams of a different life but she is stuck at home with her father Baron Hardup who has lost his fortune. Only Buttons, the manservant and her best friend can make her laugh.


Their world is turned ‘upside down’ when two fake step-sisters, Billie Eyelash and Ariana Shandé come to stay in search of their step-daddy’s money. They bully Cinders and make her very unhappy until she meets the Prince who is in disguise. They fall instantly in love and he decides to have a ball and a festival in the forest so he can meet her again and declare his true identity.


The ugly sisters tear up Cinderella’s ticket but fortunately her Fairy Godmother is close at hand to help. Conjuring a mystical carriage and two white horses Cinders is whisked to the Prince’s palace. But it’s a bumpy ride - she misses the midnight deadline when the magic wears off and soon she is back where she started. But then a lost shoe leads to an unexpected outcome... deep down Cinderella knows there are more important things to do with life than living in isolated luxury with a man you’ve only just met.


With beautiful songs, spectacle and a barrel of laughs, this pantomime is a fairy tale for all the family to enjoy.