A Beginners Guide To Panto

If you have never seen a Pantomime on screen before here is a ‘how to panto’ guide for you!

  • Say ‘Hooray’ when the Fairy Godmothers asks you.

  • ‘Boo’ the ugly sisters when they are cruel to Cinderella.

  • If Buttons says ‘Oh yes it is’ – you say ‘Oh no it’s not’

  • Shout at the screen if you see any ghosts and say ‘It’s behind you’

  • If you feel sorry for someone go Ahhh…

  • Ask your parents, teachers and friends to have treats ready while watching, wear your Cinderella stickers and wave your homemade magic wands and flags in the air.

  • Sing the songsheet to this tune.


When you're down and feeling lonely
And the world’s a darker shade of blue
Huddle up and do a roly poly
Make a change to change the view
Huddle up and do a roly poly
Make that change to change the view


      And... don’t forget to Scream, Clap and Cheer Hip Hip Hooray!

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