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Frequently Asked Questions - Groups

How much does it cost to watch online?


Prices for our three previous films are £75 each or all three for £100 - including booking fee & VAT. Please see the ‘GROUPS’ or ‘SCOUTS & GUIDES’ section of the website for more detail.  If you only have a small group of less than 25 please contact: for the small group discount code.

The Treasure Island package is £55 inc p&p.


How do we access the film and the rest of the Group's package?


Our three previous films are all available now and the new Treasure Island pack will be launched on 1st December 2023

Once a film is booked and paid for you will receive two confirmation emails (check your SPAM folder if they don't arrive). These contain the links to the film and educational resources respectively. Please ensure you are logged into the website (with the email and password used to set up the account) before clicking on the link.




1. We advise everyone to test their access to the website before the day you choose to watch the film - this will avoid any last minute panics and disappointments!

2. Our film is hosted via VIMEO - so if you think you might have any issues accessing this platform it will be worth flagging with your IT dept (if appropriate) ahead of time.

3. The film is streamed and isn't downloadable and so each time you want to view it please log back in via the Panto Online website for access. 



Can the links be shared to group members at home?


If you are a larger size group, rather than sharing the booker’s email and password, please get in touch with the team ( and we will be able to send you a unique link to the film. This link will be monitored and if we feel it’s being shared wider than the expected numbers we will be able to close the link down and release a new one.


How many times can we watch the Panto?


Our panto films can be watched as many times as you want until the 14th of January 2024 giving you plenty of time to organise your event(s).


Can we download the film to watch at our own convenience?


No, the film isn’t downloadable. Due to copyright reasons, you can only stream the film (just like Netflix or Amazon Prime). However, the film links are live until the 14th January 2024 giving groups plenty of time to view the film multiple times.


Do you accept refunds?


Unless we are unable to share the video with you we do not offer refunds. As mentioned in the cancellation policy, with our production hosted online you will be able to watch from your venue or home without the need to request a refund.


If you do wish to speak to someone about a specific concern please email us here:


How interactive is the Panto Package?

Panto Online’s Cinderella, Jack & the Beanstalk and Pantoland are designed, written and filmed to be as interactive as if the audience were sat watching them live in a theatre. There are plenty of chances to boo/cheer/clap and shout at the screen. Check out our ‘How to Panto’ page on the website for more ideas.


Is the Panto for UK residents only or can international regions watch it?


Our online panto can be watched anywhere in the world that has an internet connection - all international Panto fans are welcome!


How have the costings been worked out – will this Panto be available to all community groups whatever their economic background?


We wanted to make sure we are able to offer the Panto at a fair and reasonable rate to all community groups, scouts & guides and care homes, especially at this difficult and uncertain time.


The price for our individual films is £75 or £100 for all three  - including booking fee & VAT. Please see the ‘GROUPS’ and “SCOUTS & GUIDES’ pages on the website for more detail.  There is a small group discount code and there will be some special offers available through the panto season. 


Is the Panto suitable for adults or children with learning difficulties, autism or sensory communication disorders?


In a theatre environment flashing lights and loud noises would normally be removed for sensory-friendly shows. As this film is not set in a theatre environment, we advise that the film is viewed prior to the individual or group watching to make sure you are happy with the content. You can also view the film on a slightly lower sound setting as another precaution.


Do I have to stipulate a date and time when my group or care home will be watching the main film?


No. Our three films will be available to watch until the 16th January 2024. Your group or care home can watch it as many times as you wish until then.

Treasure Island is a different offer in that it is a 'make your own movie' package which could be accessed at any time over the coming year.

What is the duration of the films?


Cinderella is approximately 90mins with a marked interval point at 45 mins into the film, so you can pause it as if you were having an interval in a theatre.

Jack and the Beanstalk is approximately 85 mins long, you can pause it at any time for a short break

Pantoland is approximately 66 minutes long and can be paused at any point.


What kind of WI-FI strength will we need to stream the film?


Just like watching a film via Netflix or Prime Video, you will need an internet connection and an up-to-date browser.


The average bandwidth needed to view our film is 7mbs but if you set to auto it will automatically find the best quality available for your internet strength. If you are worried about your venue’s wifi speed perhaps organise a run first to ensure it streams smoothly.


Tips to improve your streaming quality:


Close other applications and programs. ...

Pause the stream for a few moments. ...

Reduce video quality. ...

Speed up your internet connection. ...

Remove other devices connected to your network. ...

Update graphics card drivers. ...

Try a wired Ethernet connection. ...

Clean up your browser settings.


Find more details here: 


What is the age suitability of the film?


All Panto Online’s panto films are based on the traditional pantomime format that you would find in any theatre up and down the country. It is aimed at children and families with a few jokes thrown in just for the grown-ups!


The advantage of watching a film version of a pantomime rather than in a theatre setting means should some of the audience be unhappy with certain sections, you can pause, rewind or fast forward.

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