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Peter Duncan presents

Jack and the Beanstalk

The Grand Family Pantomime

Last year's panto was a huge success - check out our trailers and clips for a taste of our online spectacle!

Giant Blunderbore is in a terrible rage. He shouts from above threatening to eat any villager who won’t pay their rent. Poor Dame Trott has to sell her precious cow ‘Buttercup’ and sends her son Jack to the cow market. All he comes back with is a worthless bag of beans. Jill, the grumpy Squire's daughter is kidnapped by the Giant's dogsbody Fleshcreepy and taken to the castle in the clouds.

Will Jack be the hero, climb the beanstalk, rescue his girlfriend and save the world from the human chomping ogre? Only the magical Garden Fairy knows the answer to that...

Our online planet-saving pantomime was packed with songs, laughter and great spectacle.

Jack and the Beanstalk supported these charities:

Listen to the soundtrack

You can now listen to the full JACK AND THE BEANSTALK soundtrack on all major streaming services including:

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