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Reviews for Cinderella:

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'Cinderella'  is The Times' Top Pick of shows to stream this week! 

 ‘Curtain Call’ Clive Davis, Chief Theatre Critic, The Times - 8th Dec 2021


A star in her own right, Lucy-Jane Quinlan’s Cinderella is as fiery as she is vivacious and sincere. Her Cinderella isn’t a pushover, finding kindness and value in life, but isn’t afraid to light a fire and push back against her wicked stepsisters. Quinlan finds steady footing, both belting out numbers and sourcing more subdued integrity to the film’s original songs  –  which cross from ballads to comedy numbers, and one rather spooky number in the dead of the forest, a touching pastiche in the late Stephen Sondheim’s style.

Dominic Corr Reviews Hub ****

"It’s fast, furious and unremittingly hilarious - complete with pauses for interaction as you’d expect, and you will reply (oh yes, you will).  This is not just another opportunity to commit a treasured art form to film, which it does brilliantly. It is sharing a giant heart of pantomime tradition, delivering it straight to all of us who need such special magic more than ever right now. Let’s hope for another next year." 

 Theatre Monkey ******


​Snappy songs, some with hilarious laugh out loud lyrics, hit all the right notes and joyous storytelling ​cast their spell as ​this family favourite romps along with infectious bonhomie.

​A​ magical​ pantomime ​with a message ​for today​ and laced with all the traditional trimmings, this ​​Cinderella ​gives you a ​great ​big hug and leaves you smiling

Liam Rudden Edinburgh Evening News ******



It is funny, charming, and it has many boos and cheers and he’s-behind-yous and all the classic panto antics are there. Cinderella (Lucy-Jane Quinlan) is lovely and talented, Buttons  (Henry Roadnight) is tremendous and Baron Hardup is performed brilliantly by Ian Talbot. The Ugly Sisters are magnificently ugly!

Marrianna Gray Movies 1 ****



Duncan has brought to the screen the time honoured British panto. You may not be ready to go to the theatre but you need not miss this yuletide tradition. Duncan’s Cinderella  has all the ingredients for a fun, quirky yuletide feast with many a nod to our changing times. Tune in and enjoy.

Elaine Pinkus UK Theatre Network *****


Set in a blend of today and fantasy, the film has stepsisters played full tilt ugly by Peter Duncan and Adam Price, while Lucy-Jane Quinlan is a fine Cinderella who smiles and sings her way into our hearts.

AV London Living Large ****

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